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Welcome to the Montgomery High School website. Our school is located in Santa Rosa , California and we are an International Baccalaureate High School.school picture We are one of five comprehensive high schools in the Santa Rosa City School District. We have approximately 1900 students with 120 staff members. Our school is known for its strong academics, extra-curricular offerings, and strong scholar-athletic teams. We believe in relationships, relevance, and rigor. We strive to know our students well, have challenging curriculum that is relevant to the world we live in, and support each student to stretch his or her capabilities so that each student has expanded choices after high school. We are the Montgomery High School family, which includes staff and alumni since our opening in 1958. The Viking tradition continues to provide a strong high school experience for youth. GO VIKINGS!


Seniors & Parents of Seniors

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Senior Pictures Received & Missing

Here is the updated list (as of 10/29) of senior portraits that have been received, as well as those that are missing. Please check to make sure your name is on the list, and contact Mr. Forrest as soon as possible if there are any issues or errors. Remember that there is a free, yearbook-only portrait session for seniors on Wednesday and Thursday, November 6 and 7, at lunch in the cafeteria. Please take advantage of this great opportunity if you have not already submitted a senior portrait. We want to picture as many seniors as possible!

Senior Panoramic Photo

The senior panoramic photo will be taken during Guided Study in the South Gym on Friday, October 18 th . Order forms will be available that week, the day of, and the following week, so you will have plenty of opportunities to order one. Be sure to wear your senior spirit wear and Viking red, and we'll see you there!

Senior Portrait Reminder

Deadline for senior portrait submission is Friday, October 18 th . Full details are posted at montgomeryhighschool.com.  Get your picture in – we want to see every senior in the yearbook!

Free Yearbook-Only Senior Portraits

The dates for free senior portraits for the yearbook have now been set for Wednesday and Thursday, November 6 th and 7 th , at lunch time in the Cafeteria. Professional photographer Rachael Heim will be taking senior portraits for all comers. If you were unable to turn one in by October 18 th , this will be your last, best chance to appear in the yearbook. Plan to come by if you still need a picture, and look great in the yearbook for free!

Yearbook Sales Update as of 11-12-2013

The yearbook sales list has been updated through the end of October, and includes online sales as well as sales through the business office. It is now posted here and in the window of room 14. Please contact Mr. Forrest as soon as possible if your purchase is not recorded. Yearbook distribution is based on this list – if your name doesn't appear here, it means we don't have any sales record for you, and you will not receive a book. We will be updating this list periodically throughout the year. In the event of any discrepancy or error, your cancelled check or receipt from yearbook is your absolute proof of purchase, and we will be happy to add your name to the list. Short of this, we cannot be responsible for providing a yearbook.

Yearbook sales are ongoing through the business office and online. The price is now $90 for yearbook only – ASB is no longer available. This price is in effect through March. It rises to $95 in April. After that, you will only be able to buy a book as available on a first come, first served, basis for $100 cash only during Finals Week. We urge you to save money, ensure your purchase, and buy your yearbook as soon as possible.


Yearbook Sales & Info

Welcome Back, Vikings!

The Valhal yearbook hopes that by providing clear information as early as possible, more people will be featured in the yearbook, more people will be able to purchase the yearbook, and our own production will go more smoothly as well. Please save this information, and check periodically for updates.

Yearbook Sales 2013-2014 – Buy Your Book Now for Best Value

Prizes will be raffled off for buying your yearbook early!  

Yearbook sales will be held during orientation. You may pay with cash or with a separate check made out to Montgomery High School . Please clearly note on the check the first and last name of the person for whom the yearbook is being purchased.



Yearbook/ASB combined: $90

Yearbook only: $80

ASB only: $25

November through March:

Yearbook only $90

April 2014

Yearbook only $95, cash only

Finally, we will sell books following distribution for $100 cash only, first come, first served, as available.

You may buy your book throughout the year at Montgomery in the business office, or through the link at montgomeryhighschool.com ( www. yearbookforever .com ) with a nominal $2 per book service charge for online ordering. Prices will be at their lowest early in the year, and will only rise from there. We encourage you to take advantage of the pricing plan and buy your yearbook early!

Senior Parent Ads – Due Friday, September 20th, 2013

More information and an order form for senior parent ads are in this Messenger and online at montgomeryhighschool.com . Order forms are available in the Business Office and Main Office as well. We encourage you to sustain this wonderful tradition, and take advantage of the enduring forum the yearbook presents to tell your senior how you feel about him or her.

Senior Portraits - Due Friday, October 18th, 2013

You may use any photographer you choose. We encourage you to schedule your session as soon as possible, to ensure that your photo will be completed in time for inclusion in the yearbook. You should clearly determine with your photographer who is responsible for submitting the photo to the yearbook. We do accept non-traditional or amateur portraits, but we reserve the right to request an alternate photo if we deem a submission inappropriate or of insufficient photographic quality.

Senior portraits are due in to the yearbook by Friday, October 18th, 2013 . Please spell your name exactly how you want it to appear in the yearbook when you submit your portrait. Write your name on the back of any hard copies submitted, and on any CDs submitted. If emailed, be sure to name the photo “last name, first name.” We do accept non-traditional portraits, but we reserve the right to request an alternate photo if we deem a submission inappropriate or of unacceptable quality. All school guidelines regarding unacceptable drug, alcohol, sexual, or gang-related content should be followed. Please remember that these are portraits , and will be oriented vertically. Photos that involve props, full body shots, or horizontal orientation may be cropped by Yearbook, especially those that feature more than the student's head and shoulders.

You may submit portraits 3 ways: 1) Online, as an attached JPEG , to montyportraits@gmail.com . 2) As a JPEG on a clearly labeled CD or DVD. 3) As a traditional hard copy photo printed from a film negative, not from a digital file. Do not submit photos embedded in Word documents or email. If submitted online or on a CD, JPEGS should be 300 dpi for a wallet size (approximately 2.5 x 3.5 inches) photo. (A rough rule of thumb is that photo files should be at least 100KB or bigger.) All photos should be oriented vertically. Formal portraits should follow these guidelines:

•  Wallet size (larger is okay, but not necessary)

•  Head size approximately 1 ¼ inch

•  Color

Courtesy of Valhalla Photography, we will provide free yearbook-only professional photos for those students who do not purchase a senior portrait. Scheduling information for this will be posted in the fall. Between professional portraits, our free portrait sessions, and the school ID photos, we want every senior in the senior section!

We will post the names of all senior portraits received. Please double check to make sure your photo has been properly tracked. Check online, or in the window of room 14 in the fall after you have submitted your portrait.

Business Ads – Due Friday, November 1st, 2013

If you are interested in placing an ad for your business, these too are due in October. Please call the yearbook in the fall for more information on rates, etc.

As always, the Valhal staff thanks you for your support, and hopes you have a great year.

Mr. Steve Forrest, Adviser

528-5522 x.6522 | Yearbook Room 535-4614 | sforrest@srcs.k12.ca.us





Up-to-Date School News and Emergency Info.





You will need a PDF reader to view documents on this site. Click to download.


Main office: 528-5512
Attendance: 528-5251
Business: 528-5395
Counseling: 528-5366
Fax: 528-5504
Health Tech: 528-5187
Registrar: 528-5503
Student Advisor: 528-5509


Plan vacations and appointments with knowledge of the school year calendars.

District Calendar (Eng.) | District Calendar (Spa.)| Block Schedule 1st Semester | Block Schedule 2nd Semester | MHS Calendar of Events | Final Exam Schedule Fall/Spring | MHS School Bell Schedule

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Schools Plus is a partnership of concerned parents, educators, and community businesses that have come together with the shared belief that co-curricular activities are not expendable luxuries in the education of our youth. Rather, they are vital enrichment activities that help to develop qualities of leadership, teamwork, tolerance, and perseverance that are the foundation stones of civilized society.

Weekly Bulletin

For students and families. A weekly snapshot of life at MHS. Including "Messages from the Principal", Upcoming Meetings, Athletic dismissals, and other important information.

Week of 4-21-2014

Project Graduation

The link below provides information about Project Graduation.


Project Graduation Needs YOU!

Project Graduation Volunteer Form

MHS Graduate Pennant Order Form

Stay in touch with Project Grad activities:

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Intra-district transfers are required for students who live in Santa Rosa , but do not live in the desired school attendance area they wish to attend. If your student is currently on an Intra-district transfer to MHS you must renew this form every school year. Please do this during the 2nd semester of each school year. This request form also applies to any enrolled MHS student who moves outside of the MHS attendance area during the school year or over the summer break. Click here to download a request form, or stop by the counseling office to pick one up.


Many teachers at Montgomery High School have developed webpages to assist students and parents. Click on the title of this section to see if your teacher has a page.

No Child Left Behind Victim of Criminal Offense Policy:

NCLB provides that the parents of a student who is a victim of a criminal offense while in school or on school grounds may request a transfer to another District school. Examples of such criminal offenses include but are not limited to: attempted murder, battery with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, rape, sexual battery, robbery, extortion, and hate crimes.

District Letter (Eng) District Form (Eng)

District Letter (Spa) District Form (Spa)




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